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Mobile Spree, Adjust’s bi-yearly mobile marketing conference, is the best place to discover what’s going on in the app industry. Hosted in both Berlin and San Francisco, it’s a standout event packed with panels, keynotes and networking.

But all this wisdom doesn’t stay locked away at the conference. Check it out!

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Navigating User Acquisition

Looking for ways to boost user acquisition? Our Spree experts regularly share their most successful acquisition tactics - check out the handpicked collection of our most popular talks, articles and social chatter - designed to give you a small insight into what a day at Spree looks like.

Incremental user acquisition with Viber’s Head of UA, Moshi Blum

Mobile Spree is built on insightful talks, like the one below delivered by Moshi Blum, Head of UA at Viber. In the talk he explains his approach, known as 'Incremental User Acquisition' and how it could be the next big thing.

Are pre-installs the best path to acquire high-value, highly-engaged users?

Our speakers don’t just share their knowledge on the day - they also provide us with thought-pieces right up to Mobile Spree. Funda Yakin of Innogames talks us through using pre-installs to improve conversions.

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Panel discussion: The Ins and Outs of Incrementality

It’s not just individual speakers at Spree - sometimes we break out into panels to get four experts talking through their experiences at once. Watch one below!

Thought leadership at its best

When Janos Perei and other top marketers get together to discuss strategy, that's when the industry moves forward.

Marketing strategies

User acquisition is always the biggest topic at Spree, but we also look at wider marketing strategies that feed into the mobile marketing mix.

Panel discussion: 360º Mobile Marketing Mix - Today You Need More Than Direct Response

This panel explores taking your marketing efforts beyond direct response - focusing on everything from offline channels to influencers, TV campaigns, and cross-device efforts.

How BlaBlaCar rebranded while maintaining top performance

We also look at how branding plays into the mix. Listen to Laura Veuillez, Marketing Manager for France at BlaBlaCar, and learn how the business aligned a new brand identity while maintaining the same level of performance.

Join the conversation

The discussion shouldn’t stop after Spree - and we’re happy to see what kind of insights guests take away from the conference.

Marketing Reality VS. BS

With the mobile market constantly changing, it's hard to stay on top of reality, vs. all of the...bullshit. Listen in to hear Thy Dinh - Director, Digital Customer Acquisition at Viacom, Rina Nagashima - Marketing Manager at Apalon, Rose Agozzino - Senior Marketing Specialist at Ludia, Samantha Guertin - Growth and UA Manager at Tubi, Roz Hajian - Marketing Manager, Kabam give you the real scoop.

No money no problem: Stretching your marketing budget

In the startup world, it’s difficult to make your marketing budget stretch. Leigh and Casey Isaacson, founders of Dig Dates - The Dog Person’s Dating App, joined us on stage to talk us through how to find quality users without blowing your budget.

Understanding the user lifecycle

Acquiring users is one thing, but how can marketers keep them engaged in the long run? See how our Spree experts do it, and what insights they’ve found along the way.

Psychology and Games: A Look at Player Motivation Models

Paula Neves returned to Mobile Spree after a successful talk in 2017, to deliver a standout talk on the link between psychology and games and how to apply psychology-based models to understand your users’ motivations.

Personalizing the path to purchase

We also heard from Tophatter’s Sree Menon. She joined us on-stage to talk about the impact personalization can have on user acquisition and growth, and how AI can create better experiences.

Fireside chat: overcoming the app lifecycle framework with Google UAC

Our aim with Spree is to take a practical and solution-oriented approach to the industry’s issues. In this fireside chat, we speak to Lee Jones, Google’s Director of Global App Install Strategy, to see how marketers can take a holistic approach to their app’s lifecycle while managing complexity and profitability.

Making the most of data

Marketers now have access to more data than ever before - and the discussions below give you a small taster of how other companies use it to their advantage.

Data, Data Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

Andrew Platts, Director of Data Engineering at Smule, discusses how the business developed a BI system that allowed them to quantify user behavior at each step of the funnel.

Redefine ROI by Becoming Best Friends with Your Data Science Team

Some of our Spree talks also look at how organizational structure can affect marketing teams. In this talk, Guillem Pons, Badi’s Chief Data Officer, explains how closer collaboration with their data science team helped them redefine ROI and quantify user behavior.

Predictive Marketing in a Nutshell

The stage at Spree is allocated to experts who all share best-practices from their day-to-day work. At the Berlin edition, Marat Zhanabekov, Growth Hacker at Edadeal, shared his how-to guide to boost retention rates and installs volume through the power of machine learning.

App Benchmarks Tool

Spree is just one of our initiatives that helps contribute to the wider mobile ecosystem. Beyond the conference, we also create various free-to-use resources for the industry - like our app benchmarks tool, where you can see how your app measures up against the competition’s.

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