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June 7th, 2018 - Berlin, Germany

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Why attend?

Mobile Spree is a mobile marketing conference hosted by Adjust, and driven by practitioners. For the third year running, we invite mobile marketing experts to share personal experience in keynotes, workshops and panels. The expertise is organic, problem-oriented and never paid for. There are no sponsors, no sales pitches, no booths and no bullshit. Just great speakers with great insights.

Mobile Spree attendees



The stage is only for true practitioners - mobile app marketers with real stories to tell from their day-to-day work. Speakers are hand-picked from across the world and bring varied experiences from every vertical: mobile ecommerce, gaming, travel and more.

  • 8:30 AM

    Registration & Breakfast

  • 9:30 AM


  • 9:35 AM


    Janos Perei, Chief Marketing Officer, TreasureHunt GmbH

    Soft Launch: Blueprint for Go-to-Market Success

    + Details

    The mobile gaming space is more competitive than ever before. Despite the low barrier to entry, delivering a commercially successful product to the market is a difficult challenge. This session will provide a blueprint plan for mitigating the risk and increasing the chance of success through looking at the soft launch phase of mobile game development.

  • 10:00 AM

    Fireside Chat

    Marketing in a Harshly Regulated Environment


    Ayberk Demirci

    Programmatic Manager,


    Tolga Kuzdere

    Performance Marketing Manager,


    Ender Özcan

    Regional Director MENA & Southern Europe,


    + Details

    With much of the world changing towards strenuous data regulations, we'll talk with marketers who've been dealing with this as the status quo all along due to their strict digital banking vertical.

  • 10:25 AM


    Moshi Blum, Head of User Acquisition, Viber

    Incremental User Acquisition

    + Details

    This keynote will explain the concept of 'Incremental User Acquisition', why organic cannibalization may occur, and go over the attribution challenges (beyond ad fraud). It will examine past activities examples and possible solutions to identify and mitigate cannibalization.

  • 10:45 AM


    Michael Bork, Head of User Acquisition, Runtastic GmbH

    Gamify your User Acquisition in non-gaming verticals

    + Details

    What can other verticals learn from the gaming industry to improve their acquisition? A brief overview of opportunities and adaptions for tracking, channels and creatives.

  • 11:05 AM


    Funda Yakin, Director Media & Market Development, InnoGames GmbH

    Preinstalls — The Ultimate Referral

    + Details

    In this keynote you'll learn how InnoGames leverages cross-channel marketing, their approach to preinstalls as sustainable UA channel and how it has an edge over traditional mobile UA and finally highlighted showcase with a major mobile carrier.

  • 11:25 AM


    Moderator: Ulviyya Bayramova, Product Platform Manager, Adjust

    Turning Quantity into Quality- Best Retention Strategies


    Manuela Melinescu

    VP of Marketing,


    Christian Eckhardt

    CEO & Co-Founder,


    Rakesh Ramesh

    Digital Marketing Director,


    Carolyn Krogoll

    CRM Tech Manager,

    Delivery Hero

    Erman Akar

    Senior Mobile Marketing Manager,


    + Details

    Did you know that 58% if your users will churn within the first 30 days? Since inception user acquisition has focused on quantity, but we're here to discuss the importance of quality users and retention strategies to keep them engaged.

  • 11:55 AM

    Lunch Break

  • 1:00 PM


    Guillem Pons, Chief Data Officer, Badi

    Redefine ROI by becoming best friends with your data science team

    + Details

    How Badi developed a tracking system that allowed them to quantify user behaviour at each step of the funnel. By then linking this behaviour with acquisition data from Adjust (at a user level), Badi was able to monetarily quantify each part of the life time value of their users. Taking it further Badi can then also segment users who do not follow expected behavioural patterns for retargeting.

  • 1:20 PM


    Erdem Inan, Head of Marketing, Trendyol

    A Multi-touch Attribution in Mobile Retrospective with Trendyol

    + Details

    Why, when and how multi touch attribution in mobile should be considered, and what actions can be taken afterwards. Insights and results from an actual multi-touch attribution process in mobile marketing.

  • 1:40 PM


    Moderator: Michael Paxman, Product Research Manager, Adjust

    Marketing Reality vs. BS


    Sebastian Goldt

    Head of Performance Networks,


    Misael Lopez

    Lead User Acquisition,


    Martzel de Domingo

    User Acquisition Lead,


    Jonathan Winters

    Head of User Acquisition,


    + Details

    With the mobile market constantly changing, it's hard to stay on top of reality, vs. all of the...bullshit. Listen in to hear our mobile veterans give you the real scoop.

  • 2:30 PM


    Yury Bolotkin, UA Manager, Wooga

    Don’t be afraid of high CPIs: finding the right balance between the price and LTV

    + Details

    Learn how to fine-tune your game mechanics to improve retention and conversion to buyers, develop strong ad monetization to grow LTV, and how to find valuable users through campaigns with in-app optimization.

  • 2:50 PM


    Laura Veuillez, Marketing Manager France, BlaBlaCar

    How BlaBlaCar rebranded while maintaining top performance

    + Details

    When BlaBlaCar rebranded early this year, one of the objectives was to appeal to a less price-sensitive audience. In order to be aligned with the new brand identity and tone of voice, this meant they had to change everything from the way they speak to prospects to new performance marketing templates, all while maintaining the same level of performance as before.

  • 3:05 PM

    Coffee Break

  • 3:30 PM


    Jerome Perani, VP of Growth & Partnerships, L'Express

    A 3 Year Journey with a News App

    + Details

    Jerome Perani, VP of Growth and Partnerships at L'Express, will focus on how to improve engagement by 45% through the use of push notifications, technical excellence, and reasonable ad experience.

  • 3:50 PM


    Moderator: Katie Madding, Director of Product, Adjust

    360º Mobile Marketing Mix— today you need more than direct response


    Thomas Petit

    Growth Team Member,


    Marvin Rottenberg

    Head of Marketing,

    Ada Health

    Aras Şenyüz

    Chief Operations Officer,

    Netmarble EMEA

    Jim Liu

    Senior Brand Manager,


    + Details

    In this panel we will focus on everything from offline channels to influencers, TV campaigns, and even cross-device efforts. You'll hear the inside scoop on how to take your marketing efforts beyond direct response with some of our industries' greatest.

  • 4:25 PM


    Marat Zhanabekov, Growth Hacker, Edadeal

    Predictive marketing in a nutshell

    + Details

    How-to guide of boosting retention rate and volume of installs with the power of machine learning.

  • 4:45 PM


    Thiago Silva Monteiro, Head of User Acquisition, Peak

    The art & science behind your creative

    + Details

    How a good creative took Peak from 1 to 3 million monthly downloads—boosting performance with a few simple rules.

  • 5:05 PM


    Kerem Almedar, UA Manager, Gram Games

    Ad-based vs IAP: UA Strategies!

    + Details

    Kerem will discuss the differences of UA mentality between Ad-base titles and IAP base titles and unknown leverages of Ads for IAP titles.

  • 5:20 PM

    Closing Remarks & Shuttle Service to After Party

Attending Mobile Spree 2018?

Great! Then we have a real treat for you! Join one or more of our workshops on segmentation & fraud.
As the keynote track in the main hall kicks off, the gorgeous library room next door plays host to workshops facilitated by Adjust’s measurement experts. Each workshop is crafted to train you or your colleagues on the in and outs of using Adjust for mobile measurement. Seats are limited, so reserve your spot now!

  • Adjust's Segmentation Tool- Audience Builder Tips & Tricks | 10:30 - 11:00 am

    Host: Juste Rastenyte

    + Details

    Personalization marketing is the new marketing trend of 2018. Learn how to step up your precision targeting game and tailor it to your unique usecase, keeping things personal for your potential prospects with Adjust's product marketing manager Juste.

  • Sanity Checking Campaigns | 11:00 - 11:55 am

    Host: Andreas Naumann

    + Details

    Fraud is still very prevalent in mobile media. In this workshop Andreas will educate attendees on how to screen user acquisition campaigns for signs of ad-fraud using the most widely available data points to calculate actionable KPIs.

  • The Evolution of Fraud | 1:00 - 2:00 pm

    Host: Andreas Naumann

    + Details

    Get updated on how Mobile Performance Ad Fraud has changed in the past 18 month, learn about new threads and how to identify and thwart them. Andreas shares his learnings and projections.

  • AMA with resident fraud specialist, Andreas Naumann | 2:00 - 3:00 PM

    Host: Andreas Naumann

    + Details

    Ask the questions you've always wanted to ask about all things fraud, so prepare your questions & cases for this one hour workshop with Andreas.

Workshops are exclusive to ticket holders - Book your seat now!

Speakers from Mobile Spree 2018

The stage is only for true practitioners - mobile app marketers with real stories to tell from their day-to-day work. Speakers are hand-picked from across the world and bring varied experiences from every vertical: mobile ecommerce, gaming, travel and more.

Moshi Blum

Head of User Acquisition, Viber

Janos Perei

Chief Marketing Officer, TreasureHunt GmbH

Ayberk Demirci

Programmatic Manager, Akbank

Manuela Melinescu

VP of Marketing, Snapp

Marat Zhanabekov

Growth Hacker, Edadeal

Sebastian Goldt

Head of Performance Networks, InnoGames

Yury Bolotkin

UA Manager, Wooga

Tolga Kuzdere

Performance Marketing Manager, Akbank

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“Everything I’ve seen today actually applies to my job. I’ve been to conferences that didn’t really relate to the topic that I came for so I really like how specific it’s been.”

- Cassandra Chernin, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, HomeAdvisor


Stadtbad Oderberger is no stuffy conference hotel - it’s an 1898 bath house converted in recent years to one of Berlin’s most gorgeous venues.

Stadtbad Oderberger

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