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Mobile Spree 2017 in Berlin, Adjust's mobile marketing conference, was a great success on June 1st. Thanks to all of our speakers & attendees – hope to see you in SF on October 12 and at our Berlin conference next year!

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Mobile Spree in numbers

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Key Topics

  • Mobile User acquisition

    Find the right users for your mobile app with the latest techniques for targeting, identifying the best ads and ad formats

  • Mobile Retention & Engagement

    Keep the right users engaged for optimal revenues and growth, with tools & techniques to improve your app

  • Measuring Mobile ROI

    Understand the true value of your marketing efforts through measuring actual ROI - from your marketing spend, to in-app revenue, to ad monetisation

Mobile Spree attendees



The stage is only for true practitioners - mobile app marketers with real stories to tell from their day-to-day work. Speakers are hand-picked from across the world and bring varied experiences from every vertical: mobile ecommerce, gaming, travel and more.

  • 8:30


  • 9:30


    Paul Malicki – CEO & CMO @ Flapper

    Finding & Speaking to Target Users in Emerging Markets

  • 10:00


    Lotta Weigeldt – Head of Growth @ Runtastic

    Runners, Bikers, Crossfitters: How Runtastic Maps the Message to the Interest

  • 10:25


    Christoph Gerber – CEO & Founder @ Talon.One

    From Pizza to Marketing Analytics: Poolside Chat with Christoph Gerber

  • 10:45


    Guillem Pons – Head of Data Science @ Badi

    Machine Learning & The Marketer: How Badi Forecasts Which Users Will Engage

  • 11:05


    Stefan Bielau – Managing Partner @ Dynamo Partners

    How Brands and App Marketers Measure ROI – Without A Direct Monetization Model

  • 11:25


    Jonathan Winters – Lead User Acquisition @ Miniclip

    ROI and the K-Factor: Measuring Viral Value-Add

  • 11:45


    Marina Guz – Growth Lead @ Mimi

    How to Hack a Day

  • 12:05


    Christian Henschel – CEO @ Adjust

    Panel: What's the Return on ROI?

  • 12:20


  • 13:30


    Guillaume Belot – Digital Media Manager @ Deezer

    10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Retargeting

  • 13:50


    Ivan de Quercize – Mobile Channels Lead @ BlaBlaCar

    Mobile, Marketing, Ridesharing: A Love Story

  • 14:10


    Andre Kempe - CMO @ Free2Move

    Targeting the Designated Driver: UA & Re-engagement @ Free2Move

  • 14:30


    Paul H Müller – CTO @ Adjust

    Changing the Game with the Audience Builder

  • 14:50


    Benjamin Lorthiois – CMO @ Happn

    How to Define the Value of a User: ROI and the Network Effect

  • 15:05

    Coffee Break

  • 15:40

    Bullshit Bingo

  • 16:00


    Andy Carvell – Partner & Co-Founder @ Phiture

    Impactful Real-Time Push Notifications: the RRF model

  • 16:20


    Ville Mikkola – CMO & Co-Founder @ TreasureHunt

    CPI is Bullshit! What We Learned from One App and Fixed in the Next

  • 16:40


    Ville Heijari – CMO, Games @ Rovio

    Angry Birds and Happy Players: Running UA for Rovio

  • 17:00


    Moshi Blum – User Acquisition Lead @ Viber

    Engaging with Dormant Users - The Hidden Key to Growth

  • 17:20


    Christian Henschel – CEO @ Adjust

    Panel: How to Set Up Your Marketing Stack (and What Adtech Still Needs to Fix)

  • 17:30


  • 18:00

    Afterparty @ Rooftop of the Amano Grand Hotel

And then the workshops...

As the keynote track in the main hall kicks off, the gorgeous library room next door plays host to workshops hosted by Adjust's measurement experts. Each workshop is crafted to train you or your colleagues on the in and outs of using Adjust for mobile measurement. From tracker links to data syncing to deep linking, the workshops will enable you to unleash the full power of your measurement platform.

  • Mastering the Tracker Link (09:50 - 10:20)

    Your lowly tracker link can do more than you think. With a range of special parameters and settings, you can set up sophisticated and intelligent redirection, fallbacks, conditional data syncing and a whole range of other mobile marketing mechanics. We'll show you the ropes.

  • The Techniques Fraudsters Use To Mess With Your Data (10:30 - 11:00)

    How can you know if your campaigns are beset by fraud – and what are the consequences? In this first session out of two, resident fraud expert Andreas Naumann will walk you through ad fraud from zero to 100 and how you can use Adjust’s fraud filters to clean up your data.

  • Mitigating Mobile Ad Fraud with Fraud Filters: How to Use Them & When (11:05 - 11:35)

    Fraud not only siphons your marketing budget, but can also distort your marketing data. In this second session with Adjust's resident fraud expert Andreas Naumann, we'll be going through what different fraud filters in Adjust's Fraud Prevention Suite do, and thus how and when they are best applied.

  • Working with Cohort Analysis (13:30 - 14:00)

    if you were making wine, would you be able to compare the flavour of yesterday’s juice with your best vintage? Cohort analysis is about comparing apples to apples, but it’s more than just the retention rate! We’ll go through Adjust’s cohort analysis tool from basic principles, all the way to the most advanced settings.

  • Deep Dive into Deep Links (14:50 - 15:20)

    Deep links are a powerful tool for engagement & user acquisition. But it’s not a switch you can flip to make it work. How can the marketer plan and specify the app’s deep link integration – and once it’s available, how can you put them to work in your campaigns? And what are Universal Links, really?

  • Pushing and Pulling Your Data (15:40 - 16:10)

    Measurement platforms are and should be your central point of data collection. That’s why Adjust offers a range of services for syncing and downloading the data you collect. What are these options, and how can you use them? Our team will take you through all your options for data domination.

  • Divide and Conquer: Segmentation with Adjust's Audience Builder (16:20 - 16:50)

    At Mobile Spree, you’ll have heard plenty of experiences from marketers with effective re-engagement, targeting and segmentation. Adjust’s Audience Builder is your in-built segmentation engine – but how does it work? What parameters can you slice & dice? We’ll go through all the options and experiences from early testers in this overview.

“I came in with very high expectations – and I haven’t been disappointed. People sharing all the different aspects of their work, their learnings, and sophisticated technical methods for mobile app marketing success.”

- Ville Mikkola, Co-Founder & CMO, TreasureHunt Studios


Stadtbad Oderberger is no stuffy conference hotel - it’s an 1898 bath house converted in recent years to one of Berlin’s most gorgeous venues.

Stadtbad Oderberger

Oderberger Str. 57,
10435, Berlin